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Why SharePackage

We make it easy to give by sending exactly what the recipient wants or needs.

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SharePackage allows you to send and receive material items and services, not money. This means that you can give and receive exactly what you want or need.

Any item a person or organization wants can be sent directly to them. This ensures you get the gift right every single time.

SharePackage is the industry leader in online gift-giving and sharing worldwide.


SharePackage is the most convenient way to give and receive a gift.

Our platform focuses on sourcing products from small, local, and minority-owned businesses.

With this, we allow you to focus on the things that matter most. Giving and receiving exactly what you want has never been easier.


SharePackage allows you to reach others all across the world to support you, your family and friends, or your organization.

You are able to easily share your list over social media, text, and email to reach as many givers as possible.

In addition, our community allows you to explore other member pages and organizations while also being able to share your story on your personal page and in group forums.

Whether you’re looking to make an impact on your local community or on a global scale, SharePackage gives you the tools and access to do so.


SharePackage is a social giving network built around creating a sense of community.

We encourage everyone who gives and receives to connect with others by following, interacting in our forums, and discovering ways to give more.

We also source our products from the small businesses that make up your local community.


We value the safety of each and every person that uses our platform.

With SharePackage, you can give to anyone in the world without any in-person interaction. On top of that, we give every user the option to keep their shipping address private.

So, whether you’re giving or receiving you can have peace of mind knowing you’re doing so safe, sound, and secure.


Our goal is to create a giving environment where transparency is paramount.

By having the exact item that a person, group, or organization needs, we are able to carry out our mission of providing complete transparency to the giver.

There truly is no better way to give to friends, family, and organizations.

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