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Vendor Guide

Withdrawing Money

Vendors can withdraw earnings through either Stripe Connect, a direct bank transfer, or Paypal.

Configuring Payment Methods

You will first need to add some payment methods! Navigate to Store Dashboard –> Settings–> Payment. 

From here you can add whichever payment methods you would prefer to send your earnings to. Please keep in mind that the only instant option currently available is Stripe Connect. Paypal and bank transfers may take a few days to process.


  • Paypal: Enter your email address in the Paypal field and we will send your earnings to this account.
  • Bank Transfer: If you’d prefer to utilize a direct bank transfer, enter your information here. If your bank does not use IBAN or swift codes, do not worry about filling those in!
  • Stripe Connect: If you utilize Stripe Connect, your earnings will be deposited into your Stripe account instantly!

Total Earning

Vendors can view their total earnings from the Withdraw page, which is found by navigating to Store Dashboard -> Withdraw. This money will be held by SharePackage until reimbursement, unless Stripe Connect is configured for the store, in which case you will receive your money instantly.

To request a withdrawal, click “Request Withdraw”.

Withdrawal Methods

After you click the “Request Withdraw” button,  choose the method you wish to use from the dropdown and hit “Submit Request”.

Clicking “Submit Request” will notify SharePackage of the withdrawal, and we will process it in a timely manner once it is received. You will get an email confirmation when the funds have been sent.