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Vendor Guide

Initial Setup

When you first create your vendor account, the  Vendor Setup Wizard will start up and guide you through the initial setup, which will allow you to enter your store information and other important details about yourself. If you skip this Wizard you can still input this information via the Store Settings page.

Also please note that if you are converting your existing SharePackage account into a vendor instead of creating a new account via the Vendor Registration page the wizard will not run, so you will need to use the Store Settings page to enter this information by default. 

Step by Step Guide to  Vendor Setup Wizard

The first screen you will see shows an introduction of the quick setup wizard:

After clicking the ‘Let’s Go!’ button, the wizard takes you to the store setup page where you have to provide details about your store. You can set how many products will be shown in your store as well as your address and other relevant information. In addition, you can define whether you want to display your email address in the store or not. When are you done, click on the “Continue” button.

 The next step helps you to configure your Withdraw options. You can enter whatever info you will use to withdraw cash or leave this blank for now.

 After providing all the information, click on the Continue button. It will show you a confirmation message and ask you to go to your store dashboard. You can also return to the marketplace by clicking on the link at the bottom of the wizard.