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Vendor Guide

Selling Grouped Products

Suppose you want to sell a music album, but you want to sell the different tracks and visuals separately instead of all together. You can create a Grouped Product to link together all the individual products of the album in one page instead of having each product show up separately in your store, which streamlines the buying process for the user. You can use this method for any type of product you wish to group together.

Step 1: Create Parent Group Product

First you must create a new product by navigating to Store dashboard -> Product -> Add new. This “Parent” product will be used to tie together every other product later, so for our example it would be the Album all the tracks go into.

The product category must be a group product, so first select Group Product from the Product Type drop-down menu.

This is a parent product so you do not need to add a price to it, as the user will be buying each option separately instead of all together. However you should select or create a category for it.

Step 2: Create Child Products

Navigate to Store Dashboard -> Product -> Add new: 

As this is the child product, it’s category must be the same as the parent product made in Step 1. Also, this product needs to be hidden from the catalog, so it does not appear twice in your store. Under the “Other” option, there is a visibility field. You need to set it to “Hidden” and then save the product as shown in the screenshot:

A message box should appear confirming that the product is now hidden:

Step 3: Link the Child Products to the Parent Product

Navigate back to the parent product and click on the “Linked Product” option under the “Inventory” option. Then select the child product that you wish to add from the “Group Product” section.

You can repeat Steps 2 and 3 as many times as you need to finish linking all your products together.

After creating and linking all your child products to the parent product you will get a group product, where a user can add the amount of each child product he wants to buy instead of purchasing them all at once: