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Vendor Guide

Thank you for joining as a vendor on SharePackage! Please utilize this helpful guide to get your store running so the sales can start rolling in!

The first thing you have to do is register as a vendor. This can be done by making a new vendor account on the Vendor Registration Page. Once this is done the Vendor Setup Wizard will run and prompt you for your store information. For more information on this process please visit the Initial Setup page of the guide.

If you already have an account on SharePackage and want to convert it into a vendor account, please message us via the Contact Page and we will manually change it from the backend. This method will not trigger the Vendor Setup Wizard so you will need to either message us with your store information or enter it in yourself on the Store Settings Page.

Once your account is created you can view important information about your store from the Store Dashboard Page. From this page you can access many different functionalities from that you can use to make your shop perfect! To learn more about the different options available for your disposal, please browse the rest of the vendor guide using the links provided at the left or top of your screen.