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The Benefits of Our Community



Add friends, collaborate with others, find new people to give to, and explore nonprofits to support.



Show support for your local community by gifting items sourced from local, small, & minority-owned businesses.


Spread Joy

SharePackage allows you to spread positivity by sending a thoughtful gift you know they will enjoy.

Connect with others and spread some joy – we’ll handle the rest!

Local & Global

Automatic gift delivery

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The leader in online giving

Safe & Secure

We provide a safe and secure way to receive what you want with direct delivery and anonymity.


You can easily find the items you want or need and start forming your ShareList. Get started in just minutes.


Simply add items to your ShareList and spread the word. After that, users will purchase for you.


Sharing your list is as easy as sending a text to friends and family or posting on your preferred social media pages.


You matter. Regardless of what life brings your way, we know how much joy a simple gift can provide.


With tons of locally sourced items for you to choose from, you can help support the local and small businesses near you.

SharePackage: Trust in Giving

When you give with SharePackage, you’re giving more than a gift.

We actively partner with small, local, and minority-owned businesses to ensure that every dollar spent is making a big difference in the real world.

Our platform reduces wasted gifts by letting you choose an item that you know the recipient will want or need!

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