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How SharePackage Works

SharePackage makes it easy to give and receive!

Create a ShareListCreate an Account

If You Want to Give:

It’s never been so easy to get gift-giving right every time!

Easily create an account by logging in through Facebook or Google.

Purchase any items from another user’s ShareList that you would like to give.

Step 3: Spread Kindness

Every item you purchase gets shipped directly to the ShareList owner!

If You Want to Receive:

Convienently recieve the items you want or need straight to your doorstep.

Easily create an account by logging in through Facebook or Google.

Add items to your ShareList with the click of a button at the SharePackage Shop!

It’s time to start spreading the word! Share your list on social media.

Peer to Peer


Create Your Account

Create your free account today! All you need to get started is an email address. Or, you can simply log in through Google or Facebook!


Set Up Your ShareList

Start picking items from our Shop that you would like to receive. We are constantly adding vendors to provide you with the best possible selection of products to choose from.


Spread The Word

Now that you’ve got a ShareList, it’s time to show your friends the items you’d like to receive! Post on your SharePackage account, send out texts and emails, and share on social media.



Register Your Organization

Any nonprofit organization can register for free in minutes!


Set Up Your ShareList

Browse our Shop to find exactly what your organization needs. We are constantly partnering with additional vendors to add more products for you.


Let Others Know

Once your ShareList is complete be sure to spread the word! Harness the power of our SharePackage community, send mass emails and texts, and post on social media.

Local Community


Small Business

We partner with your favorite local businesses allowing you to add items from their store. Support your local small businesses while spreading joy to others!


Local Non-Profits

Discover causes that matter the most to you in your local community. Find the organizations that are making a positive impact in your own backyard and send them a donation of items they require to carry out their mission!



SharePackage is the place to meet other like-minded people who share enthusiasm for making a positive impact on their community.

It feels good to receive…it feels even better to give!

We aim to create a network of individuals, families, nonprofits, small businesses, and large retailers, to produce the largest gift-giving system on earth.

Peer to Peer

SharePackage allows you to gift items and services for any occasion or reason. Browse other users’ ShareLists, and then choose the exact right gift to give.

It has never been easier to get gift-giving right every time!


SharePackage helps nonprofits receive donations of items that keep their operations going! Generous donors can purchase items from local businesses or online retailers.

See what items your local nonprofits need, and donate to a good cause!

Local Community

We source our products from local and small businesses. Add items to your ShareList and purchase items for others all while supporting your local community.

Our site aims to help your local small businesses thrive!

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