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About Us

Learn about how we got started and who we are!
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How We Got Started

We have always been passionate about the charity sector and the power of an organization that comes together for an important purpose.

However, we also understand that people may feel more comfortable donating material items to those in need, rather than cash. 

Because of this, we came up with the idea for a platform that only deals with material items so you know exactly what is going to who.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to put a smile on every face in the world through the selfless act of giving. 

SharePackage envisions a world where random acts of kindness are commonplace. 

We all know someone who has been in a position where they did not have the resources to provide for themselves or their families.  

With this platform, you have the power to help others in need and put a smile on someone’s face! 

Meet the team

Josh Marcus

Co-Founder / CEO

Josh grew up in Roanoke, VA before moving to Richmond in 2014 to attend Virginia Commonwealth University. He soon grew passionate about real estate and upon graduating from the VCU Kornblau Real Estate program in 2018, set out to start his own company. That year he and Paul founded Virtue Real Estate Services, a real estate investment company. Josh is passionate about creating a convenient and safe way for others to give using SharePackage.

Paul Thoms

Co-Founder / COO

Paul was born in Charlottesville, Virginia, and moved to the Richmond Metropolitan area to attend VCU in 2014. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Real Estate with a minor in Economics, Paul was a commercial property manager until 2021, managing and marketing over 1,000,000 square feet of class A office space. Paul is excited to bring his operational and marketing expertise to make a difference with SharePackage!

Scotty Thoms

Co-Founder / CTO

Scotty is our native techie! Born as the older brother to Paul, Scotty also grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia, where he currently resides. Scotty received his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering in 2015 from Johns Hopkins University. He later went on to earn his Master’s Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering in 2017 from Johns Hopkins as well. Scotty loves all things tech-related and is passionate about helping others!

The SharePackage difference


SharePackage is the most convenient way to donate and receive donations.

Our platform focuses on recruiting vendors that carry everyday/essential products that everyone can use.

With this, we allow you to focus on the things that matter most. Giving and receiving exactly what you need has never been easier.


SharePackage allows you to send and receive material items, not money. This means that you can give and receive exactly what you want or need.

Any item a person or organization is in need of can be sent directly to them. No more trust issues that are inevitable when giving cash donations!

Let’s share with the world!


SharePackage is a social giving network built around creating a sense of community.

We encourage everyone who gives and receives to connect with others by following, interacting in our forums, and discovering ways to helps others in need together.

This is a place to come together and make a lasting, positive impact all around the globe.

SharePackage: Trust in giving

So many people use SharePackage in times of need. Whether they are looking to support themselves, family, friends, strangers, or nonprofits, we provide a place to receive exactly what they need.

In addition to your donation, you may choose to leave us a voluntary tip. These tips are used to help us operate the company and provide users just like you with a seamless, convenient, and safe place to give and receive.

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