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About ShareLists

SharePackage makes it easy to give and receive!

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What is a ShareList anyway?

A ShareList is our version of a wish list.

Simply add items from the SharePackage Shop that you want or need to your ShareList for others to see and purchase for you.

Users are able to scan Friend’s lists or public lists to give any item on their ShareList.

SharePackage is a

Two-Way Street

Whether you’re looking to give or receive, SharePackage is the place to make it happen!

Our platform allows you to create your own unique ShareList of items you want or need. Other users can then purchase those items and have them sent directly to you!

It does not matter if you’re giving or receiving, our platform will always be 100% FREE to use for everyone!

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Making an account is extremely simple. Only an email address is required!

Add items to your list with the click of a button. Check out the SharePackage Shop!

Browse other users’ ShareLists and make somebody’s day!

About ShareList Benefits

Safe Giving

Send a user exactly what they want or need! Gifts can be made completely anonymous.

Simple Setup

Simply add any item from our site to your ShareList and start receiving in minutes.


Easily give and receive using your favorite device. Items are shipped directly to the recipient.

Social reach

Add friends, interact with others, and send your ShareList out through social media.


Make a difference by sharing with a friend, family member, stranger, or nonprofit.


Support local by giving items sourced from local, small, and minority-owned businesses.

Experience the SharePackage Difference

Peer to Peer

SharePackage allows you to gift items and services for any occasion or reason. Browse other users’ ShareLists, and then choose the exact right gift to give.

It has never been easier to get gift-giving right every time!


SharePackage helps nonprofits receive donations of items that keep their operations going! Generous donors can purchase items from local businesses or online retailers.

See what items your local nonprofits need, and donate to a good cause!

Local Community

We source our products from local and small businesses. Add items to your ShareList and purchase items for others all while supporting your local community.

Our site aims to help your local small businesses thrive!

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