This is Giving Made Easy

This is Giving Made Easy

The modern way to give material items to people and causes.


Make a friend and buy directly from their ShareList

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Make a family’s day by sending them exactly what they need

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Support your favorite non-profit by donating supplies!

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Support great businesses via our featured option

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Start using SharePackage today

This is the best place to give and receive online. Learn about how SharePackage works.

For yourself

Create a ShareList of items that you want or need.

For a friend

Send a gift to a friend or family member for any reason.

For a nonprofit

Support a nonprofit by sending needed items directly to them.

The Most Convenient Way

to Make Somebody’s Day

Fast-track finding a friend, family, or nonprofit to give to. Purchase items on a user’s list and that item will be sent directly to their preferred delivery address.

Confidence in Giving

  • Know exactly what is being gifted and who your gift is going to
  • Never any misallocated or mishandled monetary gifts
  • Assurance that your gift is delivered to the right hands
  • 100% Free to give and receive

The Leader in Online Giving

Safe Giving

Send someone exactly what they want or need! Gifts can be made completely anonymous

Simple Setup

You can easily create your SharePackage account and start giving in minutes.


We provide an impactful alternative to giving cash. Easily give and receive with us.

Social reach

Add friends, interact with others, and harness the power of social media for good.


Make a difference one gift at a time by sending a gift to a friend, family, or nonprofit.


Give items to local nonprofits and add items to your ShareList from local small businesses.

Earn ShareCred for Using SharePackage!

Redeem the ShareCred you earn for exclusive discounts and merchandise!

Common Questions

Why SharePackage?

Because it feels good to give! SharePackages makes it easy to give by sending exactly what a person, nonprofit, or organization needs. Purchase items through the SharePackage Shop and have it shipped directly to the recipient without the need to send or receive cash at any point!

How Does SharePackage Work?

SharePackage makes it easy to receive items that you want or need. Simply create an account (all we require is a valid email address), browse our shop, add the items to your ShareList, and promote your list allowing others to send those items directly to you!

How is SharePackage Free to Use?

Whether you’re looking to give, are in need, or just want a surprise, SharePackage is here to make it happen! We feel that no one should have to pay to give or receive so we decided to make our platform free to use for everyone. We make our money through generous donations from our users.

What is a ShareList?

A ShareList is our version of a wishlist. Simply add items from the SharePackage Shop that you want or need to your ShareList for others to see and purchase for you. Generous donors are able to scan Friend’s lists or public lists to give any item on their ShareList.

Ready to start using SharePackage?

Create your FREE account and start giving or receiving in no time.